Weddings and Gala Events

Dance music: The Vienna Festival Orchestra performs elegant, romantic dance music at weddings and other gala celebrations. Dressed in black tie and formal gowns, the men and women of the orchestra provide you and your guests with lively and sophisticated music for traditional European ballroom dancing, including waltzes and polkas, with a touch of tango and American swing.

Ceremony music: For wedding ceremonies and other formal or intimate occasions, we suggest a smaller ensemble of strings or winds from the orchestra to provide sacred and/or secular classical music. Music that is specially requested (not in our repertoire) can usually be arranged and performed for an additional fee.

Brides and grooms, wedding and event planners: The Vienna Festival Players are pleased to offer you a free email consultation with our own event specialist, who has more than a decade of experience in producing both public and private events. She will be happy to assist you in determining if the music of the Vienna Festival Players will capture the unique spirit of your celebration.

Click here for a free consultation with our event manager.

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Enjoy the Vienna Festival Orchestra & the Vienna Festival Chamber Players on any occasion.
For dancing or listening pleasure at holiday balls, gala events, weddings, dances, museums, caf├ęs, and concerts al fresco.

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