Chamber Music

The Vienna Festival Players specialize in the dynamic and richly diverse chamber music of Central Europe. Their repertoire begins in the 18th century with the luxurious Baroque music of Bach and ends with the compositions of Alban Berg, created in the turbulence just before the outbreak of World War II. This is a fascinating period of political, social, and cultural history, and these chamber music programs will transport listeners through time and space to the lavish courts, intimate salons, vibrant cafes, gilded ballrooms, and eminent concert halls of Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava, Munich, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, and Warsaw.

Flexibility and diversity: The Players are a flexible chamber ensemble composed of musicians from the Vienna Festival Orchestra. Their programs can feature music for winds or strings, or a combination of the two. And the group’s extensive repertoire allows the Players to perform in multiple configurations — as duos, trios, and quartets for intimate settings, or as an octet or full chamber orchestra for larger concert halls and festival stages.
Galleries and museums: Programs for galleries and museums can be tailored to explore specific periods, themes, countries, or composers. Members of the Vienna Festival Orchestra are happy to provide educational talks pre- or post-performance that make connections between music, art, and history.

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Enjoy the Vienna Festival Orchestra & the Vienna Festival Chamber Players on any occasion.
For dancing or listening pleasure at holiday balls, gala events, weddings, dances, museums, caf├ęs, and concerts al fresco.

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