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The Vienna Festival Orchestra recreates the magical atmosphere of the grand balls and spirited cafés during the time of the waltz king, Johann Strauss. The orchestra’s repertory features lively waltzes, polkas, and gallops that recapture the spirit of old Vienna. In addition to this traditional European ballroom music, dancers will enjoy the orchestra’s new-world sounds, including tango and swing.

Gala events. . .
The Vienna Festival Orchestra performs its unique, lively, and sophisticated dance music at weddings and anniversaries, New Year’s Eve celebrations, festive holiday balls, fund-raising galas, and other important social occasions. For additional information, click here. {takes you to “Weddings and Special Events” below)

Shall we dance. . .
The VFO frequently collaborates with local dance instructors who can offer a group dance lesson to your guests just before the gala event begins. This allows dancers to brush up on their waltz, polka, or tango skills.

Music al fresco. . .
Bring a European ambiance to an outdoor arts festival, a summer garden party, a picnic in the park, or a sidewalk café.

About the orchestra: The Vienna Festival Orchestra was founded in 1999 by a group of classical musicians who trained and performed together in Vienna, Austria, before relocating to the United States. While based in Vienna, these musicians played in such elegant venues as the Hofburg, the Redoutensaal, and the Palais Ferstil. They also were part of touring orchestras which entertained at balls and state occasions in many countries, from Japan to Portugal.

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Enjoy the Vienna Festival Orchestra & the Vienna Festival Chamber Players on any occasion.
For dancing or listening pleasure at holiday balls, gala events, weddings, dances, museums, cafés, and concerts al fresco.

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